Monday, January 19, 2009

J'dore San Francisco !

There was something very special in the unusually warm air this last weekend in San Francisco. Everyone seemed to be in an especially good mood ... as if they were all part of the same grand soiree. Including me.

My holiday weekend was kicked off with a lovely afternoon of lunch, laughs and shopping with friend, Lynn Goldfinger of Paris Hotel Boutique and my new blog friend Claudia Strasser of The Paris Apartment ( who came all the way from Miami to SF!) Had a blast with you girls... hope we can get together again soon ! Paris, Philly, NY ? ( you know I'm voting for Paris )
If you haven't checked out their sites or blogs ... you need to stop by and take in all the glorious goodness ASAP !

( left to right: me, Lynn and Claudia )

Monday, I woke up and discovered Trouble Coffee and Coconut Company in the Sunset for a cup of coffee and THE YUMMIEST cinnamon toast you will ever have ...

then to Ocean beach where we found hundreds of men, women and children with garbage bags and gloves doing their part today cleaning the beach. My picture doesn't quite capture the scope of the beach and the number of people cleaning. It was such a beautiful site !

The cherry on top of the weekend ? Another spectacular sunset ... but this time it wasn't just marking the end of an amazing day or weekend, but the end of an era and the promise of a new one ! I can't wait !


Anonymous said...

Your sunset photo is only eclipsed by the beautiful shot of the beach cleaners. It was amazing to meet you and agree we should do it Paris!

Mélanie said...

I went to your etsy shop , You create wonderful things ! Congratulations

Cashon&Co said...

such a cute picture of 3 lovely ladies!!!