Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello !

Just saying hi and sorry I have been amiss ... been out of town unexpectedly and am a little behind getting ready for Sunday's show ( details to come ). Lots of things to come including new goodies, paintings and another giveaway !


Paris Atelier said...

I just peeked into your Etsy shop and I'm in heaven! I've got my eye on so many of your beautiful pieces! You are so talented!

lisa golightly said...

Thanks so much Judith ...there will be many more new things coming soon !

Noel Solomon said...

Lisa you are a busy bee! I feel you.. there is so much to do at once sometimes. Excited to see your new things!! xo Noel

Noel Solomon said...

Too funny, I just looked on your etsy and I have bonne fete shoes!

Collette said...

Lisa has done many wonderful things for my home. My favorite is a PARIS stenciled and mirrored old window I have atop an old amoire. It is the focal point of my dressing area.