Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh Daddy !!

Won't you please
take a trip with me to
Cape Town So
uth Africa ?

There is the sweetest boutique hotel called
The Grand Daddy Hotel

and it has a little surprise ....

and it's not the sunshiny chic bar, Cool Daddy

or the

lovely Showroom Cafe

there's something more
gleaming and glamorous
take the vintage elevator up 3 floors and out to the rooftop exit
and enter

Airstream Penthouse
~Trailer Park~

Love how everyone gets thier own little post box !

And on warm nights they show outdoor movies at the Pink Flamingo Cinema
(you know I love that !)

Each of the 7 airstreams have been conceptualized
and designed by 7 local artists

"Dorothy" by Sarah Pratt
my personal favorite ...

"For the Love of Lace" by Tracy Lynch ...

"Afro-Funk" by Carla Soudien

Love the little notes on the wall in the
"Goldilocks and the 3 Bears" trailer by
Mark and Joe Stead

You can visit the website here

The Summer Kitchen Girls
for telling me about this hotel in the last post's comments !
Their dad and br
other, "The Ruth Bros"
restored and delivered
these beautiful airstreams
( I wonder if they have a website ? )

just in .... they do !!
check out what they've done here

*Uh, oh, I looked and found mine*
Now I'm dreaming of doing this baby UP on the inside

I'd park it on the beach

put up a b/w striped awning and roll out the seagrass rug

and invite all the good people in my life
for a
sunset bonfire

the image of a magical evening reflecting right back at you
( this seriously needs to happen people )

I believe it's called "land yachting"

would you come to my party ?


Chickenbells said...

Oh my. This is just fantastically magical! As a love of all things Airstream, I am just smitten!!

Carrie said...

Woah! These are seriously cool. :)

Simply Mel said...

I have a close friend who has always dreamed of owning an
Airstream and decorating it with the plushest of Ralph Lauren fabrics and dark wood furniture! Love this post!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Of course dear lisa!
A funny little story about those mailboxes....they don't have any in Cape Town - so Dad had to make a quick trip to the store to purchase & send those mailboxes on over - ha!
Great post!!
Karla & Karrie

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

duh! you'd think we'd know that it is www.pandstrailerservice.com

lisa golightly said...

Mel, Ohhh that would be so amazing for a lake in the woods. I say someone here needs to make this happen !

Anonymous said...

Land yachting, that us just classic. Talk about spin! I've always wanted and airstream, these will do fine. I'll go with you on the trip and will start packing now!

YSLGuy said...

That's awesome!!!

lisa golightly said...

Lets do it ! I say we take over the rooftop ... how fun would that be ? Claudia ... road trip in France perhaps ? Just think, we could fill it up with flea market goodies and ship it all home ? Oh ... dreaming is so much more fun with friends !


DolceDreams said...

Oh how fun, I love it! What a great idea...