Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Have a Winner ...

And the 25.00 gift certificate goes to

Tazim !


Felicitations !!!

Thank you to everyone who entered ...
LOVE the company your keep !

( even you FatScribe and that Hussey girl you run around with ! ) ;)

1 comment:

FatScribe said...

Lisa -- Just visited your online store. It looks soooo hip. Really like the signage section; would that I had either a cool retail space to place one (or two) of them, or perhaps a home theater the size of one of the Dreamworks triumvirate. (who do you think has the best? spielberg? me too!)

Well, since I didn't win, I'll just have to hang out at either your blog or website and listen to those swinging toons, sister (w/ my Ms. Hussey of course). -Jg. ;)