Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All Things Bubbly and Bright

(song pairing: Blue Champagne) 
Sunday's Alameda was an absolute blast, 
I know I keep saying this, but it truly is like a party !
I affectionately like to say, this is where my people gather !
My kids like to help out and like the good sports they are, they're up at 1:30 am ready to make the 2hr drive.
Since I can only fit one helper in the rented truck at a time, they have to take turns in making the trek with me.  This time, it was my almost-sweet-sixteen daughter, Courtney's turn.
It's a lot of work, but every show is time I treasure with them.  
( I cannot wait until I can buy my own SUV and trailer so we can all go together ! )

I didn't get much of a chance to take pictures, but thought I'd share what I did have

One of the items sold was this 6 ft tall champagne marquee sign.

here it is by night ...

and by day ...

A 3 ft round Chanel mirror and portable herb garden ala vintage schwinn ...


But the best thing of all is the friends, old and new, who stop by

The ever so chic Lynn Goldfinger of Paris Hotel Boutique 
never misses a show and always stops for an early morning "hey !"
she was joined by Lisa Wilson of The Pickled Hutch who has a darling shop in Pacifica
The wickedly cool Kimberly Edgar of Edgar and Edgar
I finally had the pleasure of meeting the stylish Miss Terri of  La Dolfina and her husband in person !
Check out her latest posting about the giant shell she scored
( what total sweethearts !! )
These ladies have great blogs/websites worth checking out !
I'm totally gushing aren't I ?

Anyway ...  so many other new friends ( not sure if they wanted their name on here ). 
But you know who you are !!! ;)

** JUST IN **
 Another new friend, professional photographer extraordinaire Suzie Mckig of Twig and Fig 
was so sweet to send me these photos she took of the booth ... 
check out her letterpress shop they do absolutely gorgeous
 "couture invitations" and "social stationary" !  


gotta love the afternoon winds ... 


we almost had lift-off on more than one occasion 
& finally had to remove the roof and walls to the tent  ...

                                                                                 ©2010 suzie mckig 
      The next show is believe it or not, on Easter.  If your coming,

                                           I'd love to see you !




A Gift Wrapped Life said...

That sign is totally awesome ( and I never say those two words together) but it is just so fabulous. I need to time our west coast rip better, I would love to got to this show and say hello to all the bloggers too. XO

JGregg for FatScribe said...

great sign! so glad you and the fam are having such a journey/adventure making these treks...very cool.

you should think about reaching out to the top 25 restaurants in the largest cities (say top 10) for custom signage. bet you'd make a killing. why not look up on Criag's list for a cat willing to make your calls and then pay him 20% commish?

the world is your oyster, Ms. Girightry! -- Jg.

lisa golightly said...

Sande - Thank you for those kind ( and rare ) words. I know a lot of people, including me, that would love to meet you too !

JGregg - Great idea !!! I would have never thought of that. Thank you

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Your sign is fabulous and the Schwinn all but brought a tear to my eye. Oh how I use to love my Schwinn. I can completely understand your bond with the people at the show. It is so terrific that you make it a family affair and you all will have memories for a lifetime. So jealous you met Terri and her husband. I don't know the other bloggers but Terri and her blog are such a joy. When the day comes we move back to California, I'd be lining up to met and greet you Lisa. Your creativity is so impressive. All my best to you my dear xx deb

lisa golightly said...

Deb ... I have a special hug in reserve just for you ! When are you coming to CA ? Northern or Southern ?

La Dolfina said...

Lisa... Finally we met! It really was fate that I found you, seriously!
I have not stopped thinking about you and your beautiful space and your sweet daughter. We won't be there next month but promise that you'll come and spend the night the following month... I promise you'll eat, drink, and sleep well!!
~xo always

Mama said...

It was a blast! I walked by but you were not set up yet and didn't want to interupt the creative thinking process. Were you able to hang onto your tent? Tons of people. Look forward to seeing all your treasures next month. xoxo

La Dolfina said...

Those photos your friend took are fantastic!! Almost as good as real life :)

Fanciful Designs said...

Lisa! How are you!? I just checked the mail and got some pictures of us from Lynns party! Haha, remember the one up in the gorgeous haunted room? Again, it was so nice meeting you. You are stunning inside & out. I heard from Therese that your daughter was helping you at Alameda - how fun for both of you! I was a little jealous hearing about your strawberry malted milk balls... the ones you sent for my birthday were gone in a couple days! I need to go find some more. :0

Thank you SO much for your comment today, it meant so much.

I hope you have a great weekend and the pictures from your booth look so good!

xo, Noel