Friday, May 21, 2010

Swinging Weekend with Ann Carrington

song pairing: The Real Soul Bossa Nova by the Swingle Sisters

LOVING the work of

London artist

Ann Carrington

up close ...

Her wall art and sculptures
will come from many mediums
most often everyday objects such as
buttons ... safety pins ... silver flatware

Do you watch Bravo's Nine by Design ?
You probably recognize this piece hanging above Robert and Cortney's 
master tub


So many buttons ... such detail !

Despite the familiar design and simple materials 
she still can fashion the most elegant Union Jack !

Oh my ... the Queen has never looked edgier !
This piece was made from chains and safety pins !


What do you think she makes out of old silver forks ?

Horns ... But of course !


You can purchase prints of her work here

Hope you all have a


 Weeeekend !!!


DolceDreams said...

You always share the best people/artists/things! Thanks for the continuous inspiration...
Have a great weekend,

sinnlighet said...

Your blog....lovely as lovely gets!

Agneta with love

Ps. Thank's for very very very nice comment on my blog!! Ds

mimi charmante said...

wishing you a fabulous, fantastic, magical rest of your weekend~

COCAMIA said...

Wow!!! A true Artist!!!

BARBARA said...

Fab site! Just discovered Ann Carrington on 9 By Design - my new
BRAVO addiction!

For more fun, new and sometimes
subversive art/stitchures, check
out Lou Trigg's work on !