Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slim Aaron Pool Party

song pairing: Pata Pata by Miriam Makeba 
The pool repair guy is here to finish fixing the pool
and it's 104 degrees

& all I can think about is making up a pitcher of
my super fab margaritas ( recipe below )

and invite a few friends for a

pool party ala Slim Aarons

Photographer Slim Aaron had a wonderful way
of capturing socialites and celebrities 
in their element by the pool

wouldn't you have loved to have been there ?

Penthouse Pool Party

The Escandon home Acapulco 1968

Actress Delores Del Rio Acapulco 1952

Family Pool
 Mrs A Watson Armour III (Jean Schweppe) with friends and family enjoying the pool on their estate at Lake Forest, Illinois 1960

 Scone Madame
Afternoon tea round the pool on a cold day at the home of interior decorator James Pendleton in Beverly Hills.

El Venero, the Moorish villa of Hector and Chico de Ayala in Marbella, Spain, 1971

Family Snapper
 Mrs. William Paley, Round Hill, Jamaica 1959

this is the Palm Desert party ...

that this famous photo, "Poolside Gossip" was taken ...
Lita Baron approaches Nelda Linsk, right, wife of art dealer Joseph Linsk who is talking to a friend, Helen Dzo Dzo.  The home was designed by Richard Neutra for Edgar Kaufman

Love love love this marble backgammon table ( where can I find one of these ? )
Keep Your Cool
Carmen Alvarez enjoying a game of backgammon with Frank 'Brandy' Brandstetter in a swimming pool at Acapulco 1978.

No pool party should be without a little Esther !

these margaritas
( seriously good ! )

dip rims of glasses in lime juice
then salt ( I like the Nantucket blend from Cost Plus )

In a blender add:
equal parts of a GOOD tequila
plain frozen concentrate limeade
and cheap mexican beer

Whatever amount these 3 ingredients combined amount to
match with ice


If you prefer on the rocks, shake tequila, limeade and ice first
stir in the beer afterwards ( or you will have an explosion ! )
pour into glasses unstrained


Well, it's still hot
 the pool guy is gone
and so is 742.00 out of my checking acct

I'd say it's time for a swim

Won't you join me ??

Carefree weekend wishes to you all !
( don't forget your sunscreen ! )


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

$742? Woo, that's a lot! I want to come to the pool party...with all 'Slim Aarons' people. Wouldn't it be fun? Go cool off and take a swim now :)

Anthony said...

Great, fun post!
I've gone swimming with Esther, before... She's a real hoot, isn't she?!

I enjoyed seeing the variety of different pool styles, at your party. It's hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to, I'd say the Family Pool at the estate in Lake Forest, Illinoise. Mainly because I love the way those big steps just lead right down into the water... So cool! Why, I guess you could even say, "It's a real cool pool, fool!"

Sorry, I think I need a nap. :(

Cashon&Co said...

what i like best about these pics?
first: backgammon in the pool. BRILLIANT!!
second: bathing beauties wearing full make up and with natural ta-ta's. brilliant!

Kwana said...

What great pictures. I'd love to play backgammon in the pool.

Rachel said...

i love these images. i know i never look that glamorous poolside lol
ps. jeez swim up a storm with that price tag! but if it means margaritas & friends it's totally worth it.

ticklishfromadistance said...

I am SO in. Be right over after I put on my kaftan. Hahahaha!

shari @ little blue deer said...

I LOVE Slim Aarons! Love these photographs, so fabulously retro (I always appreciate seeing a lovely lady smoking a cigarette, too!). This is my favorite post of the week! XO!

A Refocused Life said...

Such fun. Vintage photos are always so interesting. Can't wait to try the recipe.

Sugar Magnolia said...

that is my favorite summer song, too!

Sugar Magnolia said...

and I never thought about beer in a Margarita before ...

La Dolfina said...

I adore these photos!!
They transport you :)
Are you coming to the Point on Sunday? It's on the 4th of July! I'm coming if you're going to be there!!
Would love to see your beautiful face:) Miss you.

Sugar Magnolia said...

It got me through last summer! And I kept posting it on Facebook!

ADG said...

Ralph Lauren now owns Babe Paley's Round Hill property. The bathing suits from that era cause me to imagine odd looking tan lines. Except for the two hotties at the conclusion of your post...sporting those great little bikinis...cigs and cocktails for sure...sublime.

kimberly said...

I absolutely LOVE this post - how did I miss it??? I adore these pools and adore that last photo!!!
Have a magical weekend my friend,