Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Reflections With Michel de Broin

Something big I have just learned is that sometimes
it takes a bad thing to help you to see the good things better
A time for me to get busy dwelling in the goodness 
from yesterday to today

To meditate and celebrate all that brings joy
I know, I know, this sounds so Pollyanna ... but it's true !

I need a word for this .... how about
 happitation ?

Everything good in the world is worth celebrating, no ?

Enter french artist  Michel de Broin 
( leave it to the french ! )
His work takes me to such
a happy and inspired place

Here's an example

Imagine making the worlds largest disco ball
and hanging it over Paris
Oh yes he did !

By hanging the 1,000 piece mirrored sphere 50 meters up, 
using a giant crane, and projecting light onto it, he managed to 
light up Paris on a cold winter night.

The ball was hung up in the Jardin de Luxumburg and the light effects that covered the city were more than worth all of the effort of this art installation

What a beautiful gift he gave 

ahhhh ...  Magique !
This is my kind of artist
I am so inspired to continue working with mirrors !

 here is where you can see more of Michel de Broin's work

So tell me ...
what's making you happy today ?

P.S.Thank you so much all for the lovely emails and comments 

In situations like this it is the love and support of everyone around 
that literally carries you though
I'm happy to say
my mom is doing a little better each and every day

Wishing you all a happy shiny weekend !



Scale Worm said...

Mirrors, and Hats.
These remind me of Sabina, especially Bowler hats. :-)

La Dolfina said...

Oh, so, so, beautiful!!!
And so is your new avatar... so so beautiful you are lisa golightly :)
So glad you and your Mom are doing well. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
Tons of love to you both!!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Bigger is better indeed Lisa!
Suddenly I want to play Cool & the Gang or Earth Wind & Fire tracks!
Glad to see your fab post again~

shari @ little blue deer said...

Disco balls! Love these! So happy your mother is doing much better. I actually meditate every day, it's not Pollyanna at all! It gives me more energy and focus, and reminds me that it isn't all about me! So happy to hear from you! XX!