Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Black Is The New Black

For your listening enjoyment this is "Back To Black" by Amy Winehouse
I've been thinking
Through the years we have heard style commentators proclaiming
something other than black as 
"the new black"
in my humble yet shameless opinion  
there is NO replacement for black
( sorry I'm not sorry ! )

Anyone else with me on this ?

October approaching has put me in a 
wonderful, dark & moody mood
So I did a little fantasy shopping on 1st dibs
 I simply typed "black" in the search box

And oh,
what magic I did find !!!

Here are my fun picks

A Beetle juicy canape sofa...
 An English sporting trunk ...

 19th century Swedish napkin rings ...
a pair of English 2 seater sofas ...

 A dream in 1930's black Goyard ( biting my hand ! ) ...
And a Mario Fortuny early 20th century stage lamp ...

Can't ever say I'm
back in black
because, my dears,  
I never left !
( one peek into my closet and you would understand ! )

Urban Decay image via Uncle Beefy

Ok, so I have said my peace

"Silence" art installation by Chiharo Shirotain 

Black, I'll always have your back !

Have a very stylish day !

Ciao !

Top image by Steven Meisel


Lynn said...

STOP!!!! OMG, I want everything! Each and every one! I am going to start a black Pinterest page right now and pin every single photo of yours. With credit links, of course!

deborahmilne said...

A girl after my own heart! There is no other than black. Lisa your finds almost stopped my heart ♥

Loved them all. I would love to have those napkin rings! Wishing you a lovely (not too hot) Wed. ! xo xo

Dolce Dreams said...

I am right there with you! Always have been. always will be. Fabulous post as always...I need some cool temps tho to go with the black!

Casabella said...

Oh my word! Those images are super fabulous! Black is so classic and timeliness. Got to love it, always. Great post!

Ladolfina said...

It's all too good, your finds!
I love seeing things through your amazing eyes.
You've got it going on... big time!
Big Love to You

Anna Walker said...

Wooh! ha that is a crazy Beetlejuice sofa! :)
I love black, it is lovely and dark, and gloomy, moody, and dramatic, it's perfect!
I haven't strayed too far away from black myself, but I am trying! :)

Samantha said...

I would have to agree. However I do enjoy telling people that I am the new black.

Teri Rees Wang said...

There is a sense of deep peace within the black.


FrenchBlue said...

There is nothing to compare to Black. I agree. Love your Black Magic mind and these images are killing me softly~

Paris Atelier said...

I totally agree! I've never replaced Black, classic, stylish, timeless Black. I am drooling over the stripes canape!

Vicki Archer said...

Black is always black...and for me always the best. Wonderful choice of them all. By the way your blog header is fabulous, xv.

Lee Ann at The French Maid said...

I couldn't agree more! When the fashion industry says something is the new black, I aways wonder why we need a new one! Why mess with perfection?
--Lee Ann