Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Have A Secret Giveaway - Hint no. 2

I just received the most special Christmas gift ... a lamp
Hard to imagine a lamp being all that meaningful of a gift right ?

See if you can guess my secret for this Wednesday's Giveaway ( think metaphorically ! )

So, I get a little nutty when it comes to antique white marble and alabaster anything.
When I spied this darling  lamp from Lynn at Paris Hotel Boutique several months ago
I knew I needed to get it !
Needing better lighting in my bedroom, I lovingly placed on one of my bedside tables.
It was so pretty, but couldn't help but notice that
the charm of the room seemed a little unbalanced. 
 I needed another one but remembered Lynn informing me she had no luck herself.
( And she's a rockstar at that sort of thing ! )
 Certainly  wasn't holding my breath in my own attempt.

And just as I thought Ebay, Alameda, nada, nothing.   So I forgot about it.
But then, a week before Christmas,
a brown box arrived from Austin Texas

Another one like mine ??? Could it be ???
YES ~ another lamp !

Obviously from the same maker but unique in it's own right
and more importantly, they were the PERFECT compliment to each other
... better than identical !  

Meant to shine together again ...

~ Fin ~


Lynn said...

Oh, they look great together! A rock star? You are soooo funny! I know the secret but my lips are sealed!!

Nita@ModVintageLife said...

I love how they go together and yet don't match perfectly. What a fantastic gift.

à la parisienne said...

I am going to stick with my first guess. You-Cinderella, a beautiful alabaster lamp was all alone looking for her perfect mate. Then one day the perfect Prince Charming arrived when you least expected it- a beautiful pair to light each other's path.


à la parisienne said...

Oh, and I always love the music you have playing on your blog!

Ladolfina said...

You found your perfect mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sassy Marsha said...

Perfect and love the lampshades!

Sassy Marsha said...

Lightbulb moment!!! You are engaged, you found your perfect mate!?!?!?! Is that the secret!?!

Melissa said...

Oh Lisa ~ I do love a good guessing game! I'm going with the idea of 'opposites attract' and the strong attraction never waivers even if it is 30 years before the magic fully explodes into a reality of love never to be neutralized again.