Monday, March 7, 2011

Peacing Out In Positano

What is it with me and this place ?
Ever since Under The Tuscan Sun
I am obsessed with the Amalfi Coast
Specifically, Positano
it's referred to as "The Pearl of The Amalfi Coast"

Check out this hotel
an ancient convent remastered into a
dreamy white 5 star palace clinging to the seaside cliffs !

"Suspended in air
between a blue sky
and the dark blue sea"

Every room purposely designed to take a back seat the stunning sea views out each terrace ...

I think I will take my morning cappucino here ...

and my limoncello here ..

Isn't it lovely ?  Heaven on earth !

 makes me think
la dolce far niente
which means, the sweetness of doing nothing

sweet to daydream about it at least !

Hope this makes your Monday a little more fabulous !


Nita@ModVintageLife said...

Gorgeous! A person would have to wear white the whole time you were there.

Shaqno34 said...

I could not agree more- MY FAV movie of all time- so want to vist there- feel like I sorta just did...


Nathalie said...

This is just stunning...thank you for taking me to one of my special when I make it BIG I have a new spot to stay at , this is spectacular...
sogni d' oro,

Deborah Peterson Milne said...

Lisa the music playing, the magical sights, the thought of lmoncello and the dream of doing nothing, is definitely 'sweet'. I feel better already! Hope all is well with you two? I'm anxious to hear how you will like Austin?!
Sending you many wishes for a perfect weekend xo