Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Au Contraire Pardner

You have caught me
in the throes of love, packing and philosophising

3 weeks until we head em up and move em out to Austin.

I have moved before 
but I wasn't prepared for the range of emotions
that have come with packing up 
the contents of my life this time.

Perhaps it's the contrast
 of the life I am leaving behind
to the one I am entering into.

How does a slightly kooky and frivolous girly girl from California
prepare for a future
 with a no nonsense manly man in Austin ?
( insert sense of humor here )



Will he really want an absynthe fountain mouthwash dispenser
on our bathroom counter ?

Can vintage sparkles co exist with Brookstone gadgets ?

He is different than me and that's what I love about him.

I love an ironic pairing
contrasts that compliment
 such as velvet and burlap
chandeliers and weathered wood
champagne in a paper cup

So why not us ?

He needs a little of me like I need a little of him.
Things that come with love, like patience and understanding
( and did I mention sense of humor ? )
are the things that will carry us through.

 I believe we can make it work beautifully.

So I accept this new adventure in life
and rest my mind in
the beauty of love induced compromise.
Life is far more interesting that way !

... and that is so wildly romantic
don't you think ?

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Uncle Beefy said...

Holy cow bells! You're moving to Austin, Lisa?!?! Wowza! I hear it is SUCH a great place and I've had many a peep suggest it to be a wonderful place to plunk oneself if you're of the artsier set. So, it sounds like the perfect combo of a place given all you've stated! Can't wait to hear more of this exciting venture! Congrats! Happy trails! :)

dru said...

As the French say, vive la difference.  I am sure that he loves your absinthe mouthwash dispenser (I do).  Austin sounds like a perfect place to meld your lives together.  The only thing you'll miss is the ocean, so you'll have to make trips back to California to see it.  (oh and the liberals, you'll miss them too, they won't be in the rest of Texas, maybe a little in Austin). 

Jschatz53574 said...

Just became a follower...just found your blog, and saw that you are in the process of moving to Austin...
I live just outside of Austin...welcome...I think you will like it, other than right now, we are going through a terrible drought and heat spell.

People from California fit right in.....and it's not nearly the "cowboy" mecca one thinks it will be...(I bought boots before I moved here five years ago...worn them once)...stillettos are fine.

Need any help settling in, let me know.
(I have my blog, but am chaging it soon.  The only guarantee in life is that nothing stays the same.)