Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Just walked in the door with all my worldly possesions
( and too pooped to unpack ! )

let our new life begin !


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Deborah Peterson Milne said...

YaY, you are now officially a Texan. Welcome my dear Lisa and I hope your next life's adventure will be your greatest yet! I think living in Austin would be quite fun, although I do love me some California too. Wishing you much happiness and I know you'll have lots of love.

Here's to lots of Tex-Mex, good laughs, many memories and great friendships.

xx oo Deb

Angela Studman said...

what a cutesy picture, brings out the Austin in me too xxx

Jschatz53574 said...

Welcome to Texas, Lisa..how do you like the heat so far?  If I can help you get settled in any way, just let me know...

Therese Long said...

Welcome Home Lisa!
I'm very excited for this new phase of your life, though the Alameda Point will never be the same without you :(
I love you...