Thursday, December 1, 2011

Champagne Cork Furniture

These giant furniture sized corks have me bubbling over !

Just like the real thing,
they are made from real cork
... and for environmental reasons alone
that's all the more reason to love them.

I'm thinking these stools would be popping fun accent pieces
not only off duty, but as lightweight, weatherproof extra seating
for any get together, indoors or out.
 How about these giant wine corks as side tables ?
With the year marked on them
they'd be perfect for a New Years party or wedding reception.

I have hinted to anyone willing to listen in my family
that I would love one ( or two or three ) for Christmas.

I see they are available here in the UK

Does anyone know where they are available in the US ?
Would love to find some blank ones to put my own personal
vintage graphics on.
Santa, are you listening ?

Hello ?


Jschatz53574 said...

Not sure where you can find them here, Lisa, but I would prefer the bottle of champagne they came out champagne...

ROSE360 said...


I can confirm that I am the person that designs and manufactures these XL Champagne and Wine Corks ... my name is Stewart Rose from or ... we have various distributors in Europe, in Australia and we are very pleased to report that we have recently appointed a distributor in the US. Its early days of signing up the agreement, but if anyone in the US wishes to purchase product then please email me and I will try to help you out.
I have just launch a Champagne Side Table now ... enquiries and comments gratefully received.
Hope you like what you see!!