Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some People Are Born With Glitter In Their Veins

I am of which, am one of those persons.

Do you sprinkle the sparkly stuff all year long ...
or do you keep it to just the holidays ?

To all the gluttons of glitter
or sparkle suppressed

This one's for you.

I think my favorite place to twinkle is in unexpected places.

Check out these darling gilded suede boots paired with denim.
You can do this yourself ... & easily.
Just mask off with masking/blue tape, generously brush on some Sobe craft glue,
and sprinkle on the glitter, immediately remove the tape, let dry & go be chic.

For champagne sipping nails,
here's a trick I tried last year and can't wait to do again.

Just apply a little nude or sheer pink tone nail polish.
Clearcoat and while wet, sprinkle on a little glitter.
( I like Martha Stewart's fine gold available at Michaels ).
Once dry, clear coat one more time.

For the glamour girls on our gift list
who wouldn't want these hangers ?

Spraypaint a wood hanger with gold or silver paint
generously coat the wood part with Sobe glue or any other thick clear drying white glue.
Cover in gold or silver sequins ( glitter's big sister ).

Just to show, sometimes a little glamour doesn't cost a thing.

Hope you enjoy &

Stay Sparkly,

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Casabella said...

I love, love sparkles, all year long. Love those nails and those boots! Fabulous!