Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tell Me How You Like Your Gold ~ With Pink Or Turquoise ?

I am working on a new print collection
and am in a bit of a color quandry.
I have a design ... now all that's needed is the right pallete. 
I know I want gold and want to pair it with a color
I love pink & gold but also turquoise & gold

So I need a little help from you ...
Which do you gravitate towards the most ?

The pure warmth and girlyness of

or the coolness of ocean colors contrasted by a gilded glow ?

I can't decide ... maybe I should do both ?

What do you think ?

 pinktrees by Nadine Rippelmyer
cake by Tess
pink chair RRAntiques
chevron via The Decorista

carousel by Carl Christensen available here
doors via Crush Culdesac
aqua chair via Anthropologie
Antique Apollo Ring via Weston Jewelry
New Yorker by Lissette Carrera via Lynn Abrams Goldfinger on Pinterest


Jschatz53574 said...  soon?  Seriously, I love gold and pink, but I really, really love turquoise and gold (you may have noticed>

Marsha said...

I've always been a Pink girl but I am leaning more towards blue these days . .  . the turquoise and gold is just gorgeous!

Dancingbythesea123 said...

Blue and gold the best...hands down!!

Mleedanley said...

Tough choice - probably the blue...

Lynn said...

BOTH!! I love them both. DO BOTH!

Dru said...

Turquoise and anything, but turquoise and gold yes, hope you had fun in Colorado for your belated honeymoon.

Silvia at Casabella said...

Hi Lisa, All those look wonderful, but I adore turquoise and gold!!!

Susan Edel said...

Oh my! I love them both. Pink says I'm soft, sweet and oh-so-feminine and the Turquiose says I'm bold and beautiful and can do anything! I vote for both.

Kim said...

Lisa, I don't envy you~definitely the “Sophie's Choice” of the Pantone color chart. I am droooooling all over my keyboard looking at those gorgeous images, especially the carousel. Can you tell me where to find that? I guess you will have to do both color palettes.

Faiza said...

yup! both are NICE

but, i prefer Turqoise+gold at this moment :)