Friday, August 10, 2012

Dreamy Pink & Gorgey Orange

Sending you off into the weekend
soaked in pink and orange gorgeousness

I am dreaming about slinking around in a skirt like this ...

while contemplating something beautiful ...

Do a bit of reading ...

while sipping on a sweet little somethin somethin
~ like these blood orange margaritas ...

Blood Orange Margaritas

 does this color combo make your mouth water too ?
I thought so.

Here's to you and gorgeous summer weekend !

~ Treat yourself well and keep things cool ~


she loved life ~
skirt ~ emillio pucci
painting ~ cecily brown
book Taschen's New York ~ available here
Blood Orange Margaritas ~

1 comment:

Kimratcliff13 said...

I want to swish around in that gorgeous shimmery Pucci skirt. Oh, and I am lusting after the pink painting, too. Sign! Your blogs are such wonderful eye candy!!