Monday, March 23, 2009

Giveaway ... "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ?"

Imagine ... if you were to have a dinner party, and could invite ANYONE ( living or not ). Who would you invite ? I love asking new friends this question ... the answers I hear are all so fun and insightful. So curious who would land on the guest list of your soiree !
So here's the giveaway part ... between today and Tues, the 31st, enter your dream-list of up to 6 "guests" in the comments of this post (one entry per person ). After having the the lucky winner chosen via , I will announce the winner on Wed., the 1st of April. At that point, I will then ask for their shipping address in a private email.

I have made this reverse printed and handsilvered beveled glass sign for the winner !

Here is just one of my guest lists ...

( photo courtesy of )

Alexander C
( photo courtesy of )

Josephine Baker
( she was good friends with Calder )
( photo courtesy flickr )

Audrey Hepburn
( photo courtesy of flickr)

Philippe Petit ( you must see Man on Wire if you haven't already ! )
( photo courtesy of flickr )

and Abe Lincoln
( photo courtesy of flickr )
How fun would that be !

Good luck to all who enter ! XOL


georgia said...

Thanks for the giveaway lISA! hOPE i WIN!

georgia said...

Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Jane Mansfield, Golda Meier @ Carol Burnette!

Tiny Bubbles said...

This is very cool (as is your blog and the great pics!)--thanks for the contest and having us go through our respective lists! Here is mine:

Brian Eno
Phillip Glass
Twyla Tharp

...and from ancient days:

Margaret Sanger (for gravity)
Friedrich Nietszche (for controversy)
...and Casey Stengel (just to keep it all flowing)!

PleasantGirls said...

My pix would be Martin Luther, My Great-Great Grandparents that came over from France to Ellis Island, Does Hubby Count? I think he is soo smart, My Great Grandparents from my other side...I would really love to know the stock from which I came from now that I am old enough to appreciate it. Thanks for the post - Sandy B.

Edgar and Edgar said...

Pick Me!!!!!
Vincent Price
Sean Connery
Anthony Hopkins
Boris Karloff


Melaine Thompson said...

Let's see, I would invite Paul Walker, Faith Hill, Oprah, Nate Berkus, Candice Olsen, and one lucky friend! :) melaine

Anonymous said...

Frank Sinatra
Grace Kelley
Audrey Hepburn
Johnny Mathis
Dean Martin
Joey Bishop

FrenchBlue said...

How special! This makes me believe I will really being seeing my friends at dinner at a dinner party:)
My guest list includes:
Serge Gainsbourg
Tony Duquette
Tim Walker
Madeleine Castaing
Jeanne Lanvin
Dorothy Draper

Bonjour Madame said...

Cool post! I would have my paternal grandmother (Gertie), Catherine Deneuve, Coco Chanel, Marie Antoinette, Grace Kelley, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Noel Solomon said...

This is too fun! I love reading what others have said. I am so happy I found your blog in time for this!

Hmmmm, there are so many wonderful people to choose from... but right now In my life I would choose...

2)Adam Lambert to sing "Tracks of my Tears"
3)I completely agree with you Lisa, I would love to meet Man on Wire. That movie was THE BEST!
4)My Grampa, Grampa Gerald
5) Marie Antoinette
6) Gaudi

Ohh thank you for the magic party!

christi said...


First, let me say I love the sign - it's just lovely.

My six would be:

My Grandfather - he passed away in 1994 and I really miss him. He was super cool.

My Mom - she passed away in 2001 and I'd do anything to spend even another minute with her. She was really cool, too.

I'm on a roll, so I pick my Nahas great grandparents and my Tamer great grandparents. I want to know why they came to the US and what they were like.

I would also pick Tony Bennett and (*heart*) Jimmy Carter, but I've used up my six.

Thanks for the opportunity!!

Anonymous said...

What a cool question! Before we had kids, my husband & I would sit around & ask each other questions like this. Your post reminds me we should make a point to do it again!
I would invite:
my late father-in-law, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn,& Lizzy Bennet
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh how cool!

My husband actually interviewed one of your six!

Let's see, my husband would just have to be there in addition to:

Albert Einstein
Amelia Earheart
Artemisia Gentileschi
Adam Smith

Renee Bonorand Fleming said...

well...ernest hemingway, ava gardner, pablo picasso, princess diane, seth sabal(a new young photographer)and faye dunaway. it could be interesting!

lisa golightly said...

Thank you everyone, for your fabulous guest lists ... so thoughtful and creative! Kimberlee, I have to tell you, your list is SOO Edgar and Edgar (nice touch adding Sean Connery !), Tim Walker (who could be a party all on his own), Coco Chanel, Marie Antoinette, Gaudi, Carey Grant, Michelangelo, Einstein, Piccaso, Hemingway ... ! Livie, I bet your guests actually have been together at a party (nice if we could have been there too ?). Thank you again ... I'm all charged up for another giveaway ... stay tuned !