Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SF MOMA Bookstore

... is a place that I affectionately call, "The Land of Retinal Delights". Pure visual eye candy is what you will find at the SF Museum of Modern Art's Bookstore. Mon - Fri , I spend countless hours looking at images on the internet for work, but there is just something wonderful about a beautiful book that you can hold in your hand, and I still consider it a great pastime. I spent over 2 hrs there last Sunday and I could have been there longer ! An unbelievable selection of books to peruse not only on art, but on all types of design ... typography, fashion, landscaping, packaging, interiors .... IT'S HEAVEN I TELL YOU !!!

This is a view of about 1/3 of the store

Here's some of my favorite books du 'jour ...

inside Playful Type ...

I just had heard of this book last week through the Paris Hotel Boutique's blog
I was happy to find it ( great photos of a sad situation )

Whoever is the buyer for this store ... hats off to you !!!

Don't forget, there's still a bit of time to sneak into tomorrow's giveaway !
( until midnight tonite PST )


FrenchBlue said...

Looks like heaven to me too! Thanks for sharing...Love this post:)

Noel Solomon said...

Those books look GREAT! Thank you for the fun post!!

Alisa said...