Friday, May 29, 2009

Let's Dish About Summer


Y WeekeNd !

Time for a little shameless showing and telling
om the
House of

I can always tell when June is approaching here in no Cal just by the state of our garden. And just like clockwork, the 1st cherries and berries have burst onto the scene ... and to pop them in your mouth when they're still warm from the sun ( ohh yes ! ) I think my favorite thing however, is the intoxicating smell of gardenias outside my window ( which I can't resist wearing in my hair ). Such a beautiful reunion for the senses. Blend all that with the anticipation of homework-less evenings and lingering dinners alfresco ... it's no wonder I'm so ... well ... GIDDY ! ( I know, my Doris Day is showing )
Am I the only one feeling this way ?
What's happening in your part of the country ?

Anyway, been having a lot of fun altering vintage images and decoupaging them to clear glass dishes. The whole process just opens up a whole new realm of possibilities ! So here I am doing custom and I'm loving it. So fun meeting customers, collaborating ideas and then creating something they are thrilled with.

So marking a new season, here's a few new things ... some on Etsy and some sold as orders.

Bonne Chance 8" x 8"

Seek Love 8" x 8"

Marilyn Monroe letter 4" x 6"

You are the Best 6" x 10"

Run With It 6" x 10"

This is not a Pipe 4" x 6"

This week's fave custom pieces ...

FYI ... Check out the wonderful write up about Claudia from The Paris Apartment on Janet Solomon's French Blue and Co's blog ! Both ladies always have such beautiful postings that are both worth checking out.
and .... There is a wonderful giveaway for FREE advertising for 3 monthes on Claudia's VERY popular blog ( winner is announced Monday ) !
Learn about it all here


Paris Atelier said...

Oh Lisa!!! Your talent and creativity are boundless! I fall more and more in love with every item you list!!!! Beautiful!

FrenchBlue said...

OMG!! Lisa!! AMAZING!! I can't pick a favorite! I will come shopping as soon as my company leaves!
LOVE LOVE LOVE these new items!
You are the BEST!

Tiny Bubbles said...

The colors and vintage-style images that you come up with and the way you finish them continues to amaze me. It's nice to know that others feel the same way I do about your creations. You are inspiring in ways beyond compare.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Hi Lisa,
Happy to hear from you today and I had a little time tonight while the boys are watching Hockey (of all things!)so visits to blogland is much more fun, especially lovely blogs like yours. Will shop you shop tomorrow (when they are golfin-lol). I am sure it will be wonderful.
A Gift Wrapped Life

DolceDreams said...

you have been busy! your new and custom pieces are fab... will be back to shop again as my etsy business permits :)I just happened to come inside from admiring the scent of the 3 new magnolia blossoms on my tree...similar to your gardenia scents, but alas cannot wear mine in my hair!

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Gorgeous!!!! I love the Best Award!! So clever. I can think of so many people that deserve that award. Ummm.. I must check your shop for your amazing creations.

Marie said...

Love, love your blog. You are fabulous!