Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thanks for the Mention !

I was checking some of my favorite blogs today ( much more fun than doing desperately needed yardwork in 105 degree weather ... ick ). So glad I did, because I stumbled upon pictures of my pillows in the beautiful home of blogging friend Melaine, at My Sweet Savannah ! Melaine was also the winner of my last giveaway.

I absolutely adore seeing where all of my things wind up in your homes. I admit that I get a little sad when I have to pack things up for shipping ... and I wonder about the person receiving it and how exactly it will be used in thier home ( am I the only one here that thinks this way ? ) If you have any pictures to share ... send them over I would love to see ! ( and maybe post it on here with your permission ? )

Melaine also has some lovely things in her Etsy shop .

Hope all of you had a wonderful summery weekend !


Melaine Thompson said...

Thanks Lisa! You are so talented! I have been following you since ebay when you did your signs! You do some things that amaze me! You were so sweet too to tell me how to do the mirrors with the images behind them. Although I can usually figure things out, you have me beat on that one! I will continue to buy yours because mine turned out so horrible! Some people got it and you definatly do! Take care! Melaine

DolceDreams said...

How fabulous...the pillows AND the bedroom decor. What a great idea, love it.
Gardening in 100 plus temps sucks, doesn't it!
Dolce Dreams