Monday, December 7, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover

Two months ago, I had the thrill of learning that many goodies from The Paris Apartment, including my "CINEMA" sign were chosen for a future Extreme Home Makeover. Back then, everything was shrouded in secrecy and all I was told was the sign needed to be sent to Tennessee.

I have always loved this show and watch it occasionally when I have time. The stories behind the families chosen are always gripping, but as a single mother of 3, I was moved more profoundly than I ever expected. This was for a single mom as well.

Meet Trina Scott and her 3 gorgeous daughters Alethea, Deidre and Leyla (right)...

Their husband and father, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty. Their home was literally crumbling right before their eyes due to severe termite damage.

Needless to say the home was torn down and rebuilt in grand EHM style.
The Hollywood bedroom we were a part of was for sweet Leyla ( an aspiring actress ).

Isn't this dreamy ? I hope she feels as glamorous as she deserves to feel in her new room !

Lovely little details only The Paris Apartment can provide ...
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The design team did an amazing job on the whole house. LOVIN the b/w checkered floors !
To see a short virtual tour click here

Thank you EHM and TPA

Forever Touched,


à la parisienne said...


What a privilege for you to send something you've selected to a family in need in order to help them have a more welcoming home. Your sign looks perfect in this glamourous Hollywood bedroom. I love those golden window treatments...and the white feather plumes on the curtain rod...all of it is gorgeous.

Pinecone Camp said...

That's fantastic story. Love the sign!!

Paris Atelier said...

Hi Lisa,
What a beautiful story and to have been a part of it must feel great! I love the room! It is amazing, the plumes on the curtain rod are so pretty! Congrats on being featured! YOu and Claudia make a great team!

Anthony said...

That is SO great, Lisa!

What a wonderful thing to be a part of. That girl's bedroom sure looks like the perfect environment for an aspiring actress, too. And I must say, the placement of the "CINEMA" sign over the headboard is definitely the crowning touch!

I'm sorry that I missed this special episode of EHM. :(

The Paris Apartment said...

Hey Lisa,
I'm thrilled to be on this ride together! Thank you for dropping everything to make a sign and get it there on time. You worked a miracle!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Lisa thanks for posting about this EHM. What a beautiful family & a tragic story. They so are deserving of this makeover. Exciting to know that you, Claudia a.k.a. - Paris Apt. had something to do with this project. The room is a room any girl, young or old would adore. The touch with the sign is perfect for this aspiring actress. Love the choice of dressing table lamps too.
I hope to catch this episode but like all their shows, will have to have a box of tissues along side me. Happy weekend to you xx

emma wallace said...

Congratulations! That is amazing that you got to be an integral part of their story.
What a gorgeous room!

Kristin said...

Congrats! That is so fabulous and touching!

Marie said...

I LOVE this vanity!!! Gorgeous.

FatScribe said...

thanks for sharing this very touching story. God bless that family, and their husband father for his ultimate service on the thin blue line. -Jg.

RustyClover said...

how cool to be a part of something very special....Congratulation
See ou around! Katy

vintagelaundress said...

This is the best story! Loving that sign, too!

Bonjour Madame said...

It's gorgeous and so sweet that you were involved in this project. That girl has got to love this room!

Kwil said...

That is awesome! What a fantastic story.