Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Sweet Sixteen

altered Rene Gruau

I'm not an Irish girl
but I used to play one on March 17th

everything changed 16 yrs ago.
 Something new and life changing came along 
my beautiful daughter 
Courtney was born

and now I celebrate all the time ~

In her life this girl that has taught me things I never knew a daughter could

things like
& myself

Maybe because before the age of 2 she had undergone heart surgery - twice 
despite Doctors' predictions that she wouldn't survive
she pulled through amazingly


she dances, sings, creates, runs
an unwaivering hot yoga partner,  
our very own in-house pastry chef 
( baking almost every day - thank God we have yoga )
an invaluable helper here at the house of Golightly
... the list goes on

A real life miracle 

she dreams of Paris

altered Norman Parkinson

 ... so is mastering French 

and  taking it upon herself 
to try to earn and save every penny for a trip next year with her class

Selfless, caring and ( almost ) ready to fly
My sweet sixteen 

So many people are proud of you

May all of your wishes ( and more ) come true !

Bon Anniversaire !!!

Love You,


Heidi Ashworth said...

She's gorgeous! Love your blog!

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

That's so sweet Lisa! HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN COURTNEY! How lucky for her to have a Mom like you!!

Jg. for FatScribe said...

Happy B-Day Co-Co! Sixteen and you're ready to take on the (French speaking) world!! You have a great mom who (obviously) loves you beyond words, and it's also obvious that you're the cat's pajamas with a wonderful future ahead!!!

God bless and many birthday blessings!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I think I see a fabulous mother-daughter trip to Paris....Happy Birthday Courtney! The whole world is ahead of you.XO

Kathysue said...

YOur daughter is beautiful and it sounds like she is even more beautiful inside, what a gift she is for your family, Happy Bday to Courtney.

Kathysue said...

I just read your sweet comment on my blog and thank you for joining my group of loyal readers I hope I can continue to write fun and interesting post. I really appreciate the time you took to comment, Have a wonderful weekend, Kathysue

La Dolfina said...

I don't know how I missed this post!!!
Is this the beautiful daughter I met at The Pointe? She's a beauty just like her Mom. Happy Belated Sweet Sixteen Courtney!!

Alkemie said...

Your daughter is beautiful. What a great goal to go to Paris. Her openness to explore and travel show her intelligence and curiosity. A lovely post.

DolceDreams said...

Congratulations! Time goes too quickly with these babes of ours, treasure every moment before she finds her wings in Paris :(...unless you get to join :)