Friday, March 19, 2010

Afternoon Flea Market Finds

Today was a gorgeous spring day so I decided to get out this afternoon to Denios, 
a local weekend flea market here in the Sacramento area.
Not exactly an antique show
more like a place to get a silk ficus tree, new tube socks,
a fleece Nascar logo blanket and some produce.
But there are garage/estate sale items peppered throughout
and, well, you just never know.
 ( the fish tacos alone are worth the trip ! )

For spending just like an hour, this was a good day

And look who followed me home .... oh, how could I resist that face ?   
Made of cement and almost 3 ft tall
with the perfect amount of erosion and chip factor
this guy made me do a little happy dance 
( aww, do I really have to sell him ? )

and the missing foot ... Mr doggie, you're breaking my heart !

I'm not a big wicker fan, but just think of all the cool things you could put in this
this antique"lady's cart" ... 

Someone special will love this signed 1955 painting by Abe Nussbaum
She made me smile 

I just couldn't leave this sweet gal behind in the flotsam and jetsam. 
 The detail is just amazing

We have a good time with the portraits here at the house of Golightly
Whether it's one I've painted or antique, we always have fun naming the subjects
and cooking up some sort of story about them
As for right now she's 
Mrs. Shrute ( Dwight's aunt perhaps ? ), a fun loving, 
slightly ADD ( takes one to know one )
music teacher
(  if you had your portrait painted, wouldn't you take off your glasses ? )

What kind of person does she look like to you ???

These will be either coming to the website and or The Alameda soon
I have a few more things but I think I'll wait 
( gotta keep a little mystery right ? )

Wishing you a wonderful weekend in the sun !



A Refocused Life said...

Oh what fun! Congratulations on your lucky finds/treasures. The dog is fabulous!!! Happy Weekend!

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous finds, darling!


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Okay, that lady portrait is the BEST! Please, I want to buy it, pretty please!

FrenchBlue said...


LOVE that DOG!! Great eye girlygirlfriend!


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Her name is Hazel and she is married to a surgeon. They had a fancy doctor's gala, so she was able to finally dress up. She is usually home cooking and getting the kids ready for school. She can't see a thing without her cateye glasses, so the portrait was done with them.

La Dolfina said...

OMG Lisa! You sourced those treasures in the midst of tube socks? Simply amazing!! I adore the dog... don't sell him. The wicker cart is great and the woman... well obviously she should go live with Lynn, it sounds like you have enough characters living in the House of Golightly :)
Enjoy the rest of this gorgeous first weekend of SPRING!

annechovie said...

She looks like a woman I used to know! A librarian type. Great find, Lisa and thanks for the sweet comment. Have a great week!

Fanciful Designs said...

I love that old cart~ I have one that looks the exact same! I put all my wrapping paper in it - it makes a great holder for rolls of paper. Such pretty finds Lisa!

xo Noel

La Dolfina said...

Hi Miss Lisa~ I have an award for you on my blog, because you make me so HAPPY!!!!

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

Glad La Dolfina mentioned you today. Following! :)

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Hunting through junk for great pieces is one of my favorite things! Love the dog! Happily following! xo


Omg, I have been to that flea market and never saw anything as great as the dog or portrait. And now I have their theme song dancing in my head!
Lisa & Alfie


Amazing finds...the dog is so charming*
I get butterflies each time I arrive at the flea markets!


The Zhush said...

Hi! Your site is gorgeous and insanely fun! Love Mrs. Shrute was it? Any relation to Dwight? Looking forward to future "golightly" finds.

ticklishfromadistance said...

I want that dog! Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

Alkemie said...

YOu're right, the portrait is fantastic. The detail is stunning. She looks like a classy woman who has a little fire/quirk to her. Her eyes are wonderfully alive. The shape of her glasses hint at some quirkiness - but in a good way. She must have left her glasses on as it's a part of her self-image. She probably wears glasses all the time. Love it!

Kathysue said...

Oh how fun, I love the dog,he had to come home with you. He looks as if he is trying to tell you something. What a fun treasure and that wicker cart is wonderful. love that, Happy weekend to you,Kathysue