Friday, April 30, 2010

Alameda Preview Part 1

Ahhhh ... the Friday before the Alameda ... or as we fondly call this time,
the Pre Alameda FREAK Show
because no matter how much stuff there is or how organized I am , I still
*** freak out  ***
( sadly this is part of my "process" )

Of course, you have already seen the seahorse, doggie, Mrs. Shrute and the others. 
 Here are few more things coming along for the ride ...

Here's an old minnow trap taken apart ...

which I think would make great pendant shades 
 (I just quickly stuck this on the hanging light in my garage for demonstration purposes )

This pair of old chairs purchased from Emporium Capwell S.F.
I was thinking of painting the wood .... but it would be tricky next to this beautiful upholstery
I think I'll leave it to the new owner to decide how to handle these babys

A pair of antique urns from Atlanta

An old utility basket from a grocery store
( there will also be a 2 tiered spinning one on wheels available too )

More to show and tell  tomorrow !!!


Bonne Nuit !



FrenchBlue said...

Lucky little duckies whom can shop from you on Sunday sweet beautiful Lisa! AMAZING & MAGICAL as always! You always offer us mOOnbeams & mOOnpies:)
Have a GreAt weekend!!!

La Dolfina said...

Great stuff Lisa... great stuff. Should be a beautiful Sunday :)

Cashon&Co said...

wish i was there to shop it! maybe one day. you have awesome stuff! xoxo

Obee Designs said...

Hi Lisa,
I love your vintage finds, especially the rusted urns and the wire laundry baskets. They are so yummy!! It makes me want to go shopping!
Have a wonderful day!

Mélanie A. said...

Beautiful treasures. love the 1st industrial lampshade

vintagelaundress said...

I'm drooling over these things!!!