Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Dibs

If you could buy anything you want today
what would it be ???

Here would be just a few of my splurges
( all currently on 1st Dibs )

an antique men's french collar display 
an antique carnival photo scope ...
a gum dispenser ( no home should be without ! )

carnival mirrors from 1900 ...
what the heck, while I'm at it let's throw in some antique clown shoes !

Of course, you know I'm just getting warmed up !

What do you have your eye on right now ?

Happy Memorial Weekend !


shari @ little blue deer said...

Oooh, going to go check this out! I've been looking around at vintage hangers lately, the wooden ones. Must be the whole Victorian ruralist thing that's so popular now! Love your new header (but I miss the baby deer!). But this one is awesome, great job! XO!

FrenchBlue said...

Dear Lisa~
If we both had money to spend on anything we better not shop together! I would tackle you for those colars!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!! I LOVE your new header too!

Kimmy said...

I am in love with the french collar display and the antique photo scope but the clown shoes are frightening me. They remind me of Stephen King's IT!
And your header is quite fetching as well.
Have a most lovely holiday weekend Lisa, cheers!

a whole lotta love said...

these are so fun. i have no idea what i would do with clown shoes, but.. why not?? :)

lisa golightly said...

Kimmy ... eek ! I never saw that movie.

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing vintage finds!
Especially loving the french collars!


La Dolfina said...

Good Morning and Happy Holiday weekend Lisa... I'm so sorry I've been mia lately... I've been overwhelmed with HS Grad stuff. One more week until he graduates!
I'm loving your new header and want to spend some time perusing your recent posts. I just wanted to send you my love this weekend and tell you that you're never far from my thoughts!!!
Lots of Love,

Mary said...

I have my eye on a fab purse and pair of shoes right now but you're ideas are way more fun! Great blog!

Delightful Bitefuls

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

The collar display can be a piece of art at the MOMA! Also reminds me Karl Lagerfeld somehow...

Melissa Blake said...

Oh yes, I'll take the shoes, please!

Cashon&Co said...

I love your style. All of these picks look so cohesive, and looks like your store, such unique things! that collar Can you imagine that in an upscale men's closet? *sigh......
Have a great holiday today

daily mix LA said...

what a great idea for a post!

Page said...

cool blog!
i really like the photoscope :)