Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer ... Bring It On

Summer Solstice is here !

What are you looking forward to ?

The ocean is what floats my boat !

I'll tell you more in the next few days

images 1, 2 & 3 by etsy artist sarap  
4 & 5 by Clark Little,  6 unknown


Simply Mel said...

Picnics, beach, peach lemonade, and long days ~ HELLO SUMMER!

J'adore your new header!

Uncle Beefy said...

Yes, PLEASE! I'm up in the cold and gray Pacific NW and I'm boo-hooing over the sorry conditions of our weather! :( Send some sun up to us, will ya'? Even C.O.D. is fine by me!

katjeh said...

photos #3 and #4 are by clark little. this man is have got to check out his website! being an ocean girl, it will give you big eyes of wonder and a big smile!!
ps---i love your blog!!!!!

lisa golightly said...

Thank you for the info katjeh. Amazing photographer !

Kimmy said...

The Fourth of July, Lilly dresses everywhere, a light summer fragrance and convertibles. :-)
I love the summer season but the fall and winter have my heart!

The Zhush said...

Summer! The concept, the season, the state of mind...that floats my boat! :) (LOVED these images)

Beth Dotolo said...

Oh Oh Oh!! Me Too! Headed to the beach later this week!! (Don't get too excited for me... it's the Jersey Shore) But, I'm thrilled to get away!
Loving your blog!!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

your post combined with your ipod playing got me all summer'd up! :)

i looked through your blog to find the JFK bust you mentioned on Hello, Splendor- but had no luck. You'll have to help me out!

COCAMIA said...

The ocean floats my boat too! Water so healing and refreshing!

La Dolfina said...

Wow amazing post Lisa. It really got me going... right over to etsy where I purchased "the green one"!
You have a knack for creating truly fabulous posts. You are a creative genius through and through. Everything you do is over the top fabulous.


Thank you for posting my prints! Love your blog and your shop. Cheers to the beach and summer!