Monday, February 28, 2011

Greetings From The Pit Stop

Back from Austin with a gleam in my eye
loads of inspiration
and an epic to-do list

Time to switch gears from vacation mode
and put the pedal to the metal
for this Sunday's show at the
Alameda Pointe

( and packing for a move & planning an out of town wedding .. no biggie, right ? )

ahhh ... LIFE ... don't you just love it ?!

 I heard this quote by Lena Horne during last night's Oscars
and it seemed so apropos ...
It's not the load that breaks you down,
it's the way you carry it

Hope you had a rejuvenating weekend
leaving you ready
to ride like the wind
into a brand new week !

Ciao for now,

photo: Model in Corvette by Mark Shaw


Jg. for said...

Lisa ... great to hear from you, in spite of being in the midst of major move and shift in lifestyle! Good on ya, kid. Your friends (and fans) are all in your corner!

Deborah Peterson Milne said...

Lisa so glad you had a wonderful time in Austin. I hope you'll like being a Texan?! It's a big switch from the West Coast, at least for us all. So excited for you.

All my best to the bride to be xx Deb

rosa said...

love the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
one for me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy day!