Thursday, February 24, 2011

Austin's Uncommon SOCO

 One of the things I'm learning about Austin Texas
is that it is far from predictable.

I am finding that this place just oozes with
 quirky coolness  and vintage treasures !
My daughter, Courtney and I 
spent our first day of hunting
 in an area called
SOCO ( aka South Of Congress )
One of the greatest stars of the SOCO vintage scene is the shop
Uncommon Objects

 ...and oh, what candy for the eyes !
An amazing array of antiques and arranged so beautifully by color and theme

From religious relics, medical charts, taxidermy, circus to vintage signage
The odder the better !

Like a moth to a flame Courtney's drawn to the fluff !

Oh, I wanted to bring these seahorses home, but a little too heavy ( boohoo )

out of the whole wall of vintage portraits
I think it was the one of this man in uniform that was my favorite

We were there from 11 am and by 3 only covered one side of the street
( and if you ever go, you HAVE to stop at Guero's Taco Bar for lunch ! )

For a sweet finish we found this adorable circus inspired
Big Top Candy Store and Soda Fountain at the end of the street

The whole place is surrounded with
vintage sideshow banners and quirky circus antiques

A sweet ending to a perfectly sweet day !

We need to make another trip to do the other side !
I think I am going to love living here,
even the graffiti made us smile !


Jg. for FatScribe said...

great post, Lisa! looking forward to all of the new things you'll be reporting on from your "nueva vida en Texas." (yes, you'll still need to keep that Spanish II skillset sharpened!) CoCo has good taste, btw (obviously good genes!).

à la parisienne said...


I'm happy to hear you are enjoying the Texas life.
I've never spent a day shopping in Austin. It looks like I need to take a road trip.

Oh, if you love antiques, especially European antiques, you may want to come to the Homestead Antique Fair in Hico, TX (May 13 & 14th). Homestead is a wonderful store full of very unexpected European antiques and home decor.



Nita@ModVintageLife said... looks like a great place to shop and spend the day. I am so jealous. I almost moved to Austin myself a long time ago. I wonder what my life would have been like if I had? Can't wait to see all your posts from your new city.

Long Therese said...

I can't wait to visit :)
Way cooler stuff than here, I fear :)
Look out Austin, Here comes Lisa and her gorgeous daughter!!!!!
You'll never be the same.

Griffin Trading said...

Those are two of my favorite places to go in Austin. Also try the Cupcakes at the place across the street. You can't miss it, it's an airstream trailer with a huge pink icing cupcake on top. They also have several great places to eat in the area. You have to try breakfast at the Magnolia Cafe in SOCO, especially the Gingerbread pancakes!

Lynn said...

Oh, I love that shop! Looks like you're having so much fun!!!

Lisa said...

That cupcake stand was adorable ... we were SO stuffed from Gueros to go over ! I'm going back today or tomorrow so we'll grab some cupcakes while were there. Thanks for the tip !

Nathalie said...

It looks incredible! And your daughter is GORGEOUS!!!