Friday, February 18, 2011

Why Hello Austin !

...or am I supposed to say howdy ?
( I don't think I have it in me )

Craig Mcdean for W " A Boy Named Sue "
Well I'm off in the morning
leaving behind the drip droppy skies of California
and flying into the big wide, sunny warm arms of Texas
for a few days

Doing a little bit of buying
( and a lotta bit of loving ! )
I will have lots to share with
you all
( you can't get me to say it ! )

Ciao !


Long Therese said...

How wonderful!!
Have a great time :)

LeAnn said...

We will try to have beautiful weather and lots of fun waiting for you!

Sandypbryan said...

Enjoy yourself and have a great weekend leaving the cloudy miserable skies of California!