Wednesday, April 27, 2011

With Baited Breath

The city of London, the world and I
are anxiously awaiting a much needed
day of hope and celebration of love

... such a beautiful thing, isn't it ?

Who are the hopeless romantics of the world ?

We will be easy to find ...
happily set in in front of our tellies before dawn
hats on our heads and biscuits in our gloved little hands

I. can. not. wait.

Do you have anything special planned ?

image via The Telegraph


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Can't wait! Are you getting up at 3:00 am?

Lisa said...

Yes indeedy. You ?

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I'll be waking up VERY early, putting on my little tiara, and waking my 5 year old so we can together watch a girl become a princess- I can't wait!!!

Debra said...

and i cannot wait either. having just returned from england (i know, why couldn't i stay longer)
to see the majority of the world in a joyous state is ever hopeful
up at 3am!
5th and state

Angela said...

wow, i cant wait, i am cancelling everything tomorrow xx enjoy lisa, i am loving your blog and your artwork is fabulous xx

Maxminimus2000 said...

Ok...take the Charlie Chaplin thing off of your lovliness.

Jessica said...

It was amazing....
xo J~

yvonne rosenfield said...

It was fun bit some of the hats looked awful Like the gal with the pretzel on her head.. yvonne