Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kleinfelds Window Stories

It's no surprise why my 1st career was
 as a visual merchandiser for Macy's.
Put me in from of a beautiful window display
and I'm suddenly a 6ft tall little redheaded girl 
face pressed to a steamed glass staring
mesmerized by the stories they tell.

So when I ran across these windows for the famous
Kleinfelds Bridal in NY
my heart palpitated
Have you heard of the show "Say Yes To The Dress" ?
This is the store

( why don't they include these window displays in the show ? )
This is magic worth sharing !

Love these little miniature workers getting this couple ready for the big day ...

Here's another sweet story come to life
( love all the clever cakes ! )

*swoon !*
Hope you enjoyed these as much as me.



Lynn said...

Of course you were the visual merchandiser for Macy's!! You are as talented as these fabulous window! AND, j'adore your music selection! GIRL, how do you come up with these brilliant songs? LOVE!


Lisa what a thrill (& I mean thrill) to see these windows. A great window dresser weaves a story & this one is pure magic. Each and every tidbit is divine. Thanks for posting, I could stare into these photos all day! Amazing!

Nita@ModVintageLife said...

These windows are totally brilliant! Just amazing!!!!

ADG said...