Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My New Girl Crush: Mrs. Lilien

It all started with this ADORABLE collage found on Pinterest
 just dripping in sheer Golightly splendor

"WHO put this together ?" I asked

( & Oh I need that pillow ! )

So I go to the source
what a lovely blog this Mrs. Lilien has ...
A one woman party
a visual dream weaver
using anything from fashion, decor, bicycles to booze
drop dead eye candy at every turn !

She has me dreaming of a workplace
 where there's gossip and donuts by the Champagne cooler

Whether at work or at play
( with her I think it might be one in the same )
She makes the mundane magnificent
A true gals gal we'd all like to hang with don't you think ?

So stop on by and say hello to Mrs. Lilien... good time guaranteed !


Kim Stephen said...

I totally agree!  Her posts are my daily pick-me-up!  So wonderfully fabulous...

Lynn said...

I know, I know, I love Mrs. Lilien! I've been following her blog and it's pure eye-candy! LOVE!

Casa Bella said...

Oh, Lisa! You are right! I can't visit for too long now but I just browsed through it and I'm already in love! I'll go back to the site tonight as I know I'll spend some time seeing it all. Lovely!

blue fruit said...

I love popping in to visit Mrs Lillien - because there is always sure to be a happy hit of colour, a caustic wit and a rather offbeat way of looking at things. Not to mention her sharp eye for putting things together, as you say!