Friday, October 21, 2011

Louis Vuitton at Hotel Femme Fatale

Couldn't resist sharing LV's Winter 2011/2012 show with you.

 Russian spy meets hotel inspired deliciousness

... and what a gorgeous parade coming out of the gilded elevators !

Even the maid looks like she's up to no good ( but oh what fabulous shoes ! ) 

The shimmery skirts are gorgeous when they move ...

 If there's a spot to keep my lipstick, keys and cell ph in this fur muff ? Sign me up.

These shoes are so darling, I would perhaps forget my skirt too !

But don't let me spoil things with too many pictures
check out the full show ... 
( be sure to pause the music on my sidebar 1st  )

Wishing you a highly intriguing weekend !

Xo Lisa

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Casabella said...

Hi Lisa! I LOVE that shimmery skirt. Though it seems people would know where you are at all times :-)
Very chic, all of it. Have a great weekend!

lenore* said...

Lurrrve this show Lisa!
I heard the boots that Kate Moss wore for the finale have sold 10 000 pairs in the 1st week!
Wow crazy huh?