Friday, October 28, 2011

Carte Blanche

Halloween weekend is here
Time to let your imagination shine

Everything possible is possible

So go forth and be


and mysterious.

You have carte blanche
to dream on the outside
( but then again, you always did, right ? )

Whatever you are
wherever you go

Stay sweet,

Be true ...

and have FUN !

1: Mario Testino
2 : Steven Meisal
3 : Ken Russell
4 : Snippet and Ink
5 : Vogue Italia ( photographer unknown )
6 : Rene Gruau


Teri Rees Wang said...

So fun! I have some pretty platinum pumpkins and such to add to your run.
Love the music.
Cheers! -Teri

Vicki Archer said...

Great imagination....Have a fun weekend....xv