Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Orange Crush

I have to tell you,
I married a wonderful man
who has a beautiful home.
And for that I am very thankful.

But the master bath ????
How can I put this nicely ?

Good golly is it boring !
A shrine to the beige rainbow
beige walls, beige tile, beige rug
 ( yawn yawn yawn )

Time for a color intervention.

We're thinking this space needs a nice vibrant juicy shot of

Such a lovely color to wake up to don't you think ?

So, I played around with the idea last weekend ...

Out came the Absinthe fountain ...
This time filled with orange Listerine.
I just need to take off the old turquoise label
and find or make a new one that compliments the new color scheme.
Maybe find some pretty little glasses and a tray for it all ?

Next, out came my favorite vintage earrings
They are 5" long of dangly orange goodness.
No matter what I am doing, if I am wearing these,
I am smiling.
Heck, I have been known to wear them doing my taxes.

So with a clear color inspiration in place
I'd say were off to a good start.

I will be sure to post more pictures as changes are made.

In the meantime,
be inspired by these other images of
gorgeous orange !

This is a 6 ft tall marquee sign I did for designer Holly Kopman in burnt orange
Love how the orange plays off the taupe stripes ...

Speaking of stripes, isn't this ceiling to die for ???
( sorry the image is so small ! )

Hope you are having a cozy day.


images 1 The Aestate
2 and 3 Lisa Golightly
4 Coco+Kelly
5 My Lovely Things


Fabulousfindsgal said...

Wild!  Love it.

Anyaadores said...

LOVE the splashes of orange - amazing. The ceiling is simply stunning.
Have a splendid 11.11.11 - A xox