Sunday, November 6, 2011

iVictrolas !

So I was minding my own business yesterday
when I got the new Anthropologie catalog ...

As expected from good 'ol Anthro, lots of cool stuff

but then I flipped to page 49

and I go a little bananas ...

Ipod docking stations made from antique phonographs ?

Oh yessss !!!

iVictrolas they are called
" repurposed for of-the-moment technology "

They will set you back a little over 800 all the way up to 1100 depending on size.

So I'd be lying if I said I haven't looked on Ebay for the parts
and thought about enrolling my
mechanical engineer/woodworker father
to  help me make one.
( like I need any other projects ! )

This obsession actually started when I spotted this
gorgeous french phonograph ( and all the records ! )
at an auction last month ...

Which inspired me to paint this ...

What a rabbit hole I get in to
with these little inspirations turned obsessions !

Do you ever do the same thing ?

image 1, scanned from Anthropologie catalog
2, my new Austin friend, Jeremy Potts,
& 3, Lisa Golightly


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Just a timely post as I spent last night researching about our original 1926 Orthophonic Victrola. You should see the records! We have had this stored away in our basement since our last move and forgot about it. It is in a cabinet and we should crank it up again and see if it works. What a coincidence that you would post on this today.Beautiful drawing Lisa! XO

Theresa Cheek said...

I anticipate each arrival of my Anthropologie catalog! They have elevated the displaying of their products to an art level. The phonographs took me by surprise when I turned the page....genius!

Ryann Ferguson said...

I'm obsessed with these. If only I had a spare 800 floating around! 

Alicykisy said...

absolutely LOVE your page :)) And yes oh yes, I do the same...