Friday, January 13, 2012

New Studio Progress & DIY Project ~ Weathering Wood

As many of you may know
life at Lisa Golightly has taken quite a turn
one of which involved moving from Northern California to Austin Texas.

A brand new location which meant a brand new studio.

Between painting and new design projects, I have been slowly but surely
transforming this tandem garage "workspace" 
into the gorgeous studio that lives in my head.

With a beginning like this, the only way you can go is UP right ?

As with any design, you think about everything you need from a space,
then consider the negatives and make the most of the positives.
In my case, limited ( and ugly ) lighting and very little floor space ( 10ft x 12ft )
BUT very high ceilings ( 14ft ! )

My plan is to turn the back wall into floor to ceiling storage using the collection of
wooden wine boxes that I schlepped all the way from CA. 
Only thing, they look way too new for my taste. 
They need some character ! ( I'll show you how at the end )

Before addressing that, however, I want to show the progress made so far.
My 1st order of business was to build a wall
and find some large french doors to bring in light,
I found this pair of 8 ft tall vintage doors at my local Habitat For Humanity store
... for only 20.00 ( score ! )

Next up, the framing and sheet rock ...

Yay ! 4 walls up and AC on the way !

My daughter gave me these gorgeous crystal doorknobs from Anthropologie
with the money she saved up for Christmas.
( no matter where I live, these will always go with me ! )

I painted all the ceiling and walls white, hung my chandelier ( that also goes wherever I go )

Now for the weathered wood project ...
all you need is some steel wool, apple cider vinegar, a container with a lid,
a well ventilated protected area and gloves.

Put the steel wool in the container and pour the vinegar over it til it's covered
( I used an old large yogurt container to do this )
Put on the lid and let the steel wool soak in the vinegar for at least an hour.

Put on the gloves and rub the soaked steel wool along the grain soaking the wood.
This gets messy so make sure you have newspaper or tarp down in your work area.

When the vinegar dries ...  the wood takes on a wonderful dusty weathered look.

The top box is what the bottom box used to look like ... See the difference ?

  You can apply the vinegar as many times as you wish until you get the desired affect. 
The one above was only done once. 
Let everything air out for a day or so
before bringing inside otherwise your house will smell like salad dressing
(  trust me on this ).

Well ... one down and about 342 more boxes and new pine shelves to go.

It's going to be a busy weekend.  Can't wait to show you the final result of my storage wall
and next project coming up !

Hope you all have a lovely weekend !!!


Debra Hall said...

You are amazing!! I can't believe it!! That's all you have to do to get that great weathered look.....i'm going to try this! I appreciate you sharing your "secret sauce" as I call it.... ;D

Long Therese said...

That's awesome Lisa!
Great trick....
Can't wait to see more...
Happy Weekend, I know what you'll be doing.
I'll be watching lots of football

Kim said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm Vicki's friend, Kim. Just wanted to say I loved this post! You are so handy and so cute, too, in your flip flops and jeans. Just don't drop a hammer on your toes. Good luck with your new space!

Jschatz53574 said...

Lisa, You have far to go, but I know you, and you will get it done...with syle...I love the hint, and since I try not to envy, I will not envy you for the wine boxes...Okay, I will envy you for your tall, svelte figure..but, a girl is human, right!  Coffee soon?