Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 With a heart full of hope for the new year ahead,
today I crave a momentary escape to
regroup & refocus.

Somewhere to
dream a little dream and dare to make a plan

A place high above all earthly distractions below.

Maybe it's the Northern California hippy side of me
or my childhood Swiss Family Robinson obsession.
I have been a life long treehouse dreamer.

What a special place to paint, read, write or simply spend time with someone you love ...

Happy New Year

Hope yours is off to a beautiful start !

image 1, ohhellofriend


Kim said...

Wow! Great post & gorgeous pix.

Yvonnerosenfield said...

This was so fun. I could speen a month there no problem.
I hope you will come and be a follower and I will do the same.
Happy I found you.  yvonne

Yvonnerosenfield said...

I could spend some time in anyone of these fun places. I am glad I found you.
Please come and join my followers and I will do the same. Happy new year

Paul Clancy said...

Incredible treehouses, I'm afraid you'd have a problem getting me out of the 3rd one.