Thursday, December 3, 2009

Packing my Fancies ...


For this Sunday's Alameda ...

There will be
goodies galore

glamorous glassware,

burlap pillows
both in brown and now
winter white


dreamy sweets wrapped in vintage ribbon and feathers
( so good with champagne ! )


Stop by and say hi ... I would love to see you

and wish you merry merry in person !

XoXo Lisa

*** I will be posting my exact location tomorrow or Sat ***


Christmas has arrived a little early for me this year ...
Just found out here that the
CINEMA sign along with other
Paris Apartment Boutique goodies
will be appearing on primetime television
this Sunday night
( still can't say which show
just yet )

So thrilled to be a part of Claudia's boutique.
As she would say, " I'm over the moon !" ;)



Paris Hotel Boutique said...

OMG! So cute! Please save me one of those pink candies!!! See you Sunday!

Anthony said...

Wow, Lisa!
Your blog is so... so...

Well, I can't even think of the right word to do it justice! I guess I'll just share some descriptive words that immediately came to mind upon first impression:

Beautiful! Sexy! Creative! Stylish! Evocative! Classy!

I'm sure there must be an adjective or two that will occur to me later... ;)

I need to come back and peruse more of your place when I can. Looks like you've got lots of goodies to discover!

Have fun at Sunday's Alameda. I hope you sell tons! That CINEMA sign is awesome, btw!! Did you MAKE that? I really need to read your older posts. :)

Anthony said...

P.S. - I also really dig your accompanying mood music!

lisa golightly said...

Anthony ... what wonderful words to hear ( and coming from a blogger such as you ! ) Welcome welcome !! xoxo lisa P.S. Yes, I made the Cinema sign. ;)

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

What amazing treats! Good luck with them.

Fabulous Finds Gal

Kristin said...

Love love love burlap pillows!