Friday, November 4, 2011

Charming Dining Spaces ... A Guest Post By Arcadian Lighting

I am so delighted to introduce Susi from Arcadian Lighting
she was so kind to write a guest post.
I love how she shows that it doesn't take a lot
to make a space charming for an intimate gathering.
Something I know we are all thinking of with the holidays ahead.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend !


Hi, I'm Susi and I can usually be found blogging over at Arcadian Lighting about new ideas in home lighting fixtures and décor.
I'm lucky that I get to guest blog at a lot of the cool blogs I love like Lisa Golightly.
My guest post today is all about charming little dining spaces that show that you don't need a grand room to have a beautiful dining experience.


Dining Rooms

This little dining space gets a big dose of style from the modern and contemporary designs of the furnishings. Large scale floor mirrors make the small space feel grander.

Dining Rooms

Lovely art and linens make this small dining space feel special. The mix of chairs and bench seating create options for lingering over a morning coffee or entertaining guests for dinner.

Dining Rooms

For a small eat-in space in a kitchen, a gorgeous banquette creates a charming dining space that doesn't take up a large footprint. A long narrow table provides ample room for a family dinner, while a stylish pendant light adds a perfect finishing touch.

Dining Rooms

This dining space in a larger open room that also contains the living area is set apart by dark dramatic color. Black on the chairs and inside the china cabinet make this charming dining space feel more formal.

Dining Rooms

Designer Barry Dixon created this intimate dining space in his former butler pantry. A banquette seat provides more seating in a tight space.

Dining Rooms

This small Moroccan style nook is a cozy dining space. The circular space feels intimate and exotic, and the sparkling chandelier and wall sconce really show off the rich colors.

Dining Rooms

 Apartments or smaller homes often do not have designated dining rooms.
Carving out a dining space might mean combining functions,
as seen in this dining space with shelves filled with books and objects.

Dining Rooms

Sometimes a dining space isn't a dining room. This writing desk would make a cozy table for two in a studio apartment or library. I love the bookcases flanking the buffet.

What do you think of these creative little dining spaces?
Plenty of cozy seating and just the right light fixture can make these small spaces truly intimate.

 You have to check out Arcadian Lighting's blog for even more inspiring design ideas !  

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